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About Werewolves

Werewolves of London is a Warren Zevon song. You can read the story on our Playlist page.

Remote Recording

This is the first video we’ve made completely in lockdown. Glen, and Max and Lois bought Rode USB-Mini microphones to improve their vocal recording capabilities plus the bits and pieces needed to connect to iPads, phones and computers. Anne and Trevor already had some recording gear.

Anne’s bass is the foundation of every song we do and she had this one ready in no time. Usually we try to keep our instrumental tracks simple but this time we’ve indulged with some amplification and distortion just for fun.

Having some gear, instruments and a song is one thing. Getting five people 60 kilometres apart in stay-at-home lockdown mode to sing together is another. We’re a technically unsophisticated bunch. Trev has skills with Logic Pro for recording Final Cut Pro for video but the rest of us are digital derelicts.

Recording Software

Trev prepares the guide track in Logic Pro which can automatically create a GarageBand Project. Glen uses that to record on her iPad with the Rode microphone.  Max and Lois have a Windows Notebook computer and are using Audacity as their recording platform. Using a shared DropBox folder, Trev puts the guide track into an Audacity Project so Max and Lois can recording the same Project via the shared folder.that eliminates the need to send big files backwards and forwards.

A free DropBox account is limited to 2 GB of storage which is only half a dozen songs. The folder is useful for sharing, but there’s not enough space for saving completed work. That has to be transferred somewhere else.

Anne also records into Audacity. Our videos are all filmed on mobile phones.