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She’s A Mystery To Me Video

It’s been hard to get together for practice with COVID lockdowns, home visitor limits and travel restrictions.

True Love Ways Video

Not everything goes to plan, but our Christmas video finally got made.

Synchronised Strumming

Synchronised Strumming

It’s not easy to create strumming patterns for ukulele combos, especially when playing skills are limited. Talented players, especially those who are proficient on guitar or mandolin can make the uke a rhythmic and melodic instrument, but the average group player is better off concentrating on rhythmic and percussive elements.

Our Halloween Lockdown

This is the first video we’ve made completely in lockdown.. Having some gear, instruments and a song is one thing. Getting five people 60 kilometres apart in stay-at-home lockdown mode to sing together is another. We’re a technically unsophisticated bunch.