Our Halloween Lockdown

This is the first video we’ve made completely in lockdown.. Having some gear, instruments and a song is one thing. Getting five people 60 kilometres apart in stay-at-home lockdown mode to sing together is another. We’re a technically unsophisticated bunch.

One Way to Lose These COVID Blues

We love ragtime, jazz, blues and big band swing, though we could give them up if we had to. But we’ll never never hang up our rock and roll shoes.

Making a Music Video

We decided on ‘A Teenager In Love’ for our first music video because it was a song we all knew well. For the past couple of years it’s been a staple at SPUKES and one of the best group songs we have. Max has been singing it since it was a hit for Dion and The Belmonts in 1959!

Starting Over In The COVID World

We used to eagerly await Saturday afternoons and Monday mornings when the next SPUKES session would be held at the Rosebud Memorial Hall. Eighty uke players belting out their interpretations of classic folk, rock, blues and jazz favourites was inspiring. Skill was not important; it was enthusiasm that counted.