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The Good Old Days

We used to eagerly await Saturday afternoons and Monday mornings when the next SPUKES session would be held at the Rosebud Memorial Hall. Eighty uke players belting out their interpretations of classic folk, rock, blues and jazz favourites was inspiring. Skill was not important; it was enthusiasm that counted.

The music was fun but SPUKES, like countless other uke groups in Australia, and around the world, was really about camaraderie and social engagement.  These uke groups are special to all their members, but especially for older members where regular get togethers played an important role in their lives.

SPUKES is now closed due to COVID-19, and is unlikely to resume in the form that we knew.

We Can’t Hide Away Forever

We have to let the good old days be fond memories while we find ways to create the good new days.

Lots of uke groups are experimenting with Zoom video conferencing meetings, Zoom is a great platform, but not designed for musical collaboration. The thrill of participation is fuelled buy the technology rather than the music!

Others are regularly posting member contributions on websites or social media pages. One of our local music groups Open Mic’ At The Green have been publishing member recordings and videos every day since the lockdown started, a fabulous effort.

Now that we are allowed to have small numbers of friends in our homes Old Spice have started up a weekly practice session. We’ve been having lots of fun every Friday playing together again, but we’d like to find a way to share that with our families and friends.

If that means learning how to record, make videos, and share what we do on a website,  through FaceBook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Zoom, or whatever comes next, then that’s what we have to do.

A Toe In The Water

This is our first effort, ‘An Old Spice Friday’ showing what it is we do. We’re working on two songs. The first is Whadaya Want by Mike Stoller and Jerry Leiber written in 1954. It was recorded by The Robins/Coasters. It’s a great song for a uke band like Old Spice – wonderful rhythm, fun words, call and response to get everyone involved.

We’re also going to try making some ‘music videos’ which involves recording the sound track first.  The first ‘live’ recording we are attempting is  (I Don’t Want To) Hang Up My Rock N Roll Shoes.

In the video Max is recording the lead vocal, Lois, Glen and Trev are doing the backing. Anne had already laid down the bass. Max gets sentimental in this song – it comes straight from the heart!